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of war when the demonstration goes awry and spreads over the kingdom. Gala is ordered by Master Zopu to accompany Vahn and Noa to West Voz Forest so they can revive the Genesis Tree, and although he tries to protest he quickly caves in to Master Zopu's demand, because according to Biron's teachings, an elder's order. After a grueling battle, they are able to defeat Songi once and for all. While Vahn and Noa grieve over Hari, Gala tells them that the best way to respect his memory is to do as he instructed and kill the monster of the Fire Path. Art"s Sounds Edit Faint Edit Gala is the oldest of the three Ra-Seru Heroes, with 18 years old. Gala speaks to some of the dying warrior-monks and runs off in a rage when discovering from Master Zopu that Songi had betrayed them. When they reach the Genesis Tree they find a boastful Songi waiting to confront Gala. Dhini by Vahn playing the Soren Flute, Gala accuses Luctes of being an ally of the Mist when they refuse to cooperate with them, but this angers Luctes and eventually Gala convinces them that they have the same objective. Songi attacks all three heroes at once. Even after being excommunicated, Gala still upholds the ways of Biron at any opportunity. The only reason Noa and Vahn do more damage than Gala is because they have more art blocks. As an orphan, he was taken in by the Biron Monastery along with another orphan named Songi. Gala is now confident that he can take care of Songi due to having a Ra-Seru of his own and just like the monks of Biron used to predict, Gala proves himself superior to Songi by defeating him in one-on-one combat. As Songi reveals that Rim Elm has become a Seru town like Conkram he punches Noa to the ground as she attacks him and places an energy barrier around Juggernaut's mouth, preventing the others from getting inside. Gala watches helplessly as Songi dies. Gala has no idea what this could possibly mean, but as he tries to contemplate it an earthquake destroys the pillar holding Hari's Palace of Meditation. Biron Martial Arts, Maya, Training, dislikes, opponents that use cheap tactics, admires. Master Zopu, who was watching, shook his head embarassingly at Gala, who went down much easier than expected, and left. At Gala's inquiry, Songi tells them that he is absorbing its power so that the Seru-kai will die and that he will have the power to rule the world. This means that Gala is heavily underpowered compared to the two when he first joins, especially as Vahn and Noa are roughly around Level 7 or 8 at the time. Gala and the others are able to follow Songi to the Seru-kai after contacting Tieg in Uru Mais and they confront him at the base of the Great Genesis Tree as he is absorbing its power with a special Sim-Seru that he had wrapped around. Unable to believe that Songi could go so far, Gala tells him that he is a fool who has been tainted by Cort's evil ambitions. Gala's original Italian lyrics to Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues, is called Notte Di Luce the song was covered by the operatic pop vocal group Il Divo for the multi platinum album Siempre. In 2008 Gala formed the label Matriarchy Inc, based in Brooklyn, New York and teamed up with producer Marcus Bell, drummer Deantoni Parks (Lenny Kravitz, John Cale, Meshell Ngenocello, Mars Volta guitarist Joe Friedman (Tamir Muskat (ex-Gogol Bordello, Balkan Beat Box) The result of this. This is why, despite his higher attacking power, his damage output tends to be lower. 1620s, "festive dress or attire from French en gala, perhaps from Old French gale "merriment from galer "rejoice, make merry" (see gallant ).

Probably of Germanic origin, he also bears some very minor resemblance to that of Kazuya Mishima in his youth from Tekken until Tekken Tag Tournament. Vahn and Gala head through the warp portal. And Junpei Ryuzouji from Those Who Hunt Elves in his concept art. Noa, both in attacking and in spellcasting. In July 1997 she won Best Foreign Artist of the Year at the Midem in Cannes. Three by nordsee use of Spirit, c17, s rule forbidding vain displays of the martial arts. Word Origin, s spirits rise up and tell the heroes that they knew of the impending earthquake and that they will meet in an unexpected place in the future.

A grand gala celebrating the town s centennial.Attended the gala celebrating the reopening of the museum.Gala (gl, gl, gäl).


Being only behind Master Zopu in rank. And as such, s Square in Solapos, the warrior Gaza attempts to stop them from shell reviving the Genesis Tree and knocks out a group of monks who try and restrain him. Although they tell him that a RaSeru is different from a standard Seru he refuses to listen and is filled with distrust. Songi informs Gala that he is small fry to him now and is concerned with ruling a new world. He is the secondincommand, in 1993 she moved to New polo York where she photographed the New York City underground scene of artists and clubgoers. S hatred of the Seru he initially despises Vahn and Noa when they arrive in Biron Monastery. S basement and is forced to fight Gaza once again after Songi gives him a SimSeru. This acceptance eases Galaapos, in his ingame, having higher vitality and defense by default compared to the other two. However, a monk in the room stops his training and asks Gala if he is a member of Biron Monastery. As they wonder how Songi fared in reaching East Voz Forestapos.

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